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Oil-Sealed Rotary Vacuum Pump : SGD Series
Oil-Sealed Rotary Vacuum Pump : SVC Series
Oil-Sealed Rotary Vacuum Pump : SR Series
Oil-Sealed Rotary Vacuum Pump : SR-B, SRP-B Series
Oil-Sealed Rotary Vacuum Pump : SGH Series
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Oil-Sealed Rotary Vacuum Pumps
Oil-sealed rotary pumps are widely used as an economical pump to compress gases whose pressure ranges from atmospheric pressure up to 0.13 to 1.3 ×10-2Pa and then exhaust them into the air. SR and SRP pumps (rotary plunger type) consist of a cylinder, rotors, piston, slide pins and exhaust valves while SVC and SGR pumps (sliding vane rotary vacuum pump) consist of rotors, vanes, vane springs and exhaust valves

Principle of operation
When the rotors, which are fixed to shafts, are rotated, a space emerges inside the pump cylinder and its volume gradually increases. As a result, outside gas is introduced into the space in the cylinder through the suction port.
As the rotors are further rotated, the gas in the spaces between the cylinder and the piston, and between the cylinder and the vanes, is moved to another space, where the gas is compressed and then exhausted through the exhaust valve into the oil tank.
  • Electronic industry:Vacuum exhaust for bulbs and display tubes, production of   semiconductors, ICs, and memiry divices
  • Electrical industry: Drying and impregnation of capacitors, transformers,cables. nd monitors
  • Food industry : Vacuum packaging, concentration, freeze-drying
  • Platic industry : Vacuum formig, extrusion, drying of resin materials
  • Heat treatment : Vacuum sinte ring, vacuum melting
  • Metals and machinery industries : Electron beam welding, vacuum brazing


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