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Water-Ring Vacuum Pump : SW-S Series
Water-Ring Vacuum Pump : SW / SW-M Series
Water-Ring Vacuum Pump : SW-AS/SW-HM Series
Water-Ring Vacuum Pump : SW-C Series
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Water-Ring Vacuum Pump
Water-Ring Vacuum Pump

Water-ring vacuum pump ( SW Series and SW-S Series ) :

High-performance vacuum pumps ideal for the exhaust of hydrous gas.

Sealing-water circulating vacuum pump ( SW-C Series ) :

Circulating use of sealing water prevents outflow of the water mixed with harmful gases.

All-stainless-steel water ring vacuum pump ( SW-AS Series ) :

Excellent durability makes this type ideal for the processing of corrosive gases.

The main body of a water- ring pump consists of a circular casing and an impeller, where the impeller is centered a little offset from the center of the casing.

When the impeller is rotated in the casing with a due amount of sealing water added in the casing, the sealing water, which is greater in the specific gravity, is pressed against the inner wall of the casing by the centrifugal force, making a concentric ring as shown in the diagram. Utilizing the changing volume of the space surrounded by the inner wall of the sealing water ring and the impeller blades as the impeller turns, the pump performs actions of intake, compression, and delivery continuously, with the gas coming and going through the suction and exhaust ports provided in the side wall or inner wall of the impeller. Rotation of higher speed can attain more efficient exhaust. In addition, the sealing water functions as the seal so that sucked gas will be positively exhausted.
Owing to the sealing water, the pump can exhaust even flammable gases and corrosive gases. The water-sealed structure is very suitable for exhausting gases containing water vapor (or steam) and/or water droplets. As the pump is designed in two stages, it exerts high performance at a pressure of 3 ×104Pa or lower

  • Electronic industry : water adsorption and transfer, vacuum adsorption
  • Chemical industry : Solvent recovery, distillation of alcohol, fats and oils, perfumes, and resin materials
  • Phamaceutical industry : Disinfection and sterilization of medical equipment, freeze-drying of medicine, microorganisms, and blood
  • Food industry :Vacuum packaging, vacuum transfer of powder
  • Textile and paper industries : Steam-setting of thread, dehydration of pulp materials




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