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Wonchang vacuum products have provided solutions for a multitude of industrial applications. 
  • Oil Sealed Rotary Vane
  • Dry Rotary Vane
  • Hook & Claw Vacuum & Pressure
  • Vacuum Systems


Wonchang Vacuum Company has been offering its various product to meet industrial vacuum needs as a leading manufacturer of vacuum pumps in Korea since its establishment in 1982.

Over 30 year experiences in vacuum industry, it has been putting the efforts continuously to produce high quality oil sealed rotary vane, dry rotary vane pumps and packaged vacuum systems with diverse range of capacity for use in printing, food processing, meat packing, packaging, plastic molding, vacuum lifting, wood carving, hospitals and laboratories and other industrial applications.

Wonchang’s Simple Design ensures the reliability and durability required in the vacuum industry.

We promise high quality product to meet your needs. If you have any questions, please feel free contact us or an agent near to you to help with your specific needs, including service of your existing equipment.

VMECA Vacuum Pump ปั๊มสุญญากาศ ปั๊มแวคคั่ม vacuum pad 

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