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1) Easy maintenance and disassembly facilitated by upper and lower split casing design.

2) The multi-stage rotor is formed from a combined rotor and shaft assembly and is able to achieve strong vacuums down to 0.1 Pa.

3) Using three-lobes roots type rotors, we minimize noise and vibration with properly balanced rotor motion.

4) No lubricants are required in the pump chamber: because there is no oil flow-back towards the high vacuum conditions, you get a clean vacuum.

5) The shaft is sealed with a dry seal.
6) No oil mist is discharged from the pump; this minimizes both environmental impact and health risks to the pump operator.

7) Operation can begin from atmospheric pressure and remains stable over a broad range of pressures.

8) There is no wear because there is no contact between lobe surfaces: continuous long-term operation is possible and maintenance is also easy.

9) Condensate can be drained and recovered.

10) The simple design gives you outstanding durability.


1) The three-lobes blower with endless casing offers a vertually no noise,no vibration operation.

2) There is no oil mixing,so the air obtained is clean,with no spraying of oil mist to soil the environment.

3) The rotor and shaft have been combined as a single unit,and because there is no wear,the performance of the blower does not change over time,permitting long-term continuous operation.

4) High-speed,high performance applications are possible.

5) Design is simple and compact.The special bearings ensure outstanding durability and maintenance is easy to conduct.

6) The unit is equipped with a gear oil overshooter,to prevent any oil leakage problems.

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