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WO-10, 12 & 20
Single Stage, Oil Re-circulating, Air Cooled, and Direct Driven

  • Compact Design -Reliability & Durability –Easy to maintain and operate.
  • Simple Installation –Air Cooled No Water Required.
  • Direct Drive – Compact Size
  • Integral Exhaust Filter –Discharge Air 99.9% Oil Free
  • Quite Operation.
Standard Equipment: 
Composite Vane, Wire mesh Inlet Filter Screen, Vibration Isolator, TEFC High Efficiency Motor, Anti-Suck Back Valve, Oil Level Sight Glass, Exhaust Cover (threaded).

Optional Equipment: 

Additional Oil level sight Glass, Exhaust Filter Pressure Gauge.


Performance Curve:

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New Model Direct-drive Oil Sealed Rotary Vacuum Pump SGH Series
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