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Vacuum Powered Lifter-Tilter with Manual
Rotation for Non-Porous Cylinders
VPE1-GEN2 Series Vac-Pack to Handle
Non-Porous to Semi-Porous Loads
Air Powered Vacuum Lifter with 180 Degree Flip Vacuum Lifter Handles Sphere- and Dome-Shaped Loads Energy Saving Vacuum Lifter
Features New Rectangular Suction Pad
Vacuum Lifter-Tilter
Designed For Window Assemblies
Wood Plank Lifters
Handle  Loads with
Rough Saw Cut Grain
Vacuum Lifters Feature
Ergonomic Handlebars
Vacuum Lifter and Flipper
Handles Large Stampings, Molded Parts
Vacuum Lifter
Handles Metal Parts Without Magnets
Vacuum Lifter
Protects Heavy Pipe and Tube
Custom Vacuum Lifter
Picks Up Loads from the Inside
Modular Vacuum Lifter
Handles Large Electrical Panel Frames
Vacuum Lifter
Prevents Damage to Cylindrical Loads
Vacuum Lifter
for Precision Coil Handling


GF Series Increases Speed, Safety & Productivity
for Handling Loads up to 20 tons
Mechanical Gull Wing Vacuum Lifter with
Built-In Telescoping Parking Stands
Plate and Sheet Vacuum Lifter
Handles Any Cutting Table Material
Vacuum Lifter with Side Grips
Features Powered Rotation for Large Loads
High Capacity Vacuum Lifter
Handles 40,000 lbs with Small Footprint
Mill-Duty Vacuum Lifters
Position Products
without Blocking
High Capacity Vacuum Lifter
Features Hydraulic Powered Tilter
Heavy Mill-Duty Lifter
with Oversize Pads
High Capacity Vacuum Lifter
Handles Heavy Plate up to 16 ft x 8 ft
Steel Plate Vacuum Lifter
Eliminates Magnets, Grabs and Hooks
Custom Vacuum Lifters Handle Big Loads, Eliminate Lifting Lugs High Capacity
Vacuum Lifters
Vacuum Lifters Customized for
Oversize Loads
Mill-Duty, Electric Vacuum
Lifter Designed for Metal Centers
for Handling Loads
Without Slings or Hooks


Ergonomic Vacuum Tube Lifting System
with Upgraded Comfort-Grip Control Handle
Vacuum-Hoist Lifting System
Handles Bulky, Porous Loads
High Flow Components
for Vacuum Tube Lifters
Vacuum Tube Lifter for Cartons,
Design for Specific Shipping Boxes
Vacuum Tube Lifter
Gets New Handlebar & Tube Assembly
Vacuum Lifter-Tilter
Lifts and Orients Coiled Products
Vacuum Tube Lifter
Features Suction Pad and a Hook
Ergonomic Vacuum Lifter
Safely Handles Compact Heavy Loads
Vacuum-Hoist Lifter
Lets One Person Guide, Position Parts
Vacuum Lifter-Tilter
Handles Textured, Semi-Porous Materials
Vacuum Tube Lifter
Stacks Large Awkward Loads, Saves Labor
Vacuum Hoist Lifter
Handles Cement Blocks without Damage
Vacuum Tube Lifter
Lifts and Reorients Light Boxes
Vacuum Lifter
Handles Small Off-Center Loads
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