DC-B24V(VH) Brake booster vacuum pump

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The braking system is one of the most important systems in a vehicle. A vacuum pump is usually required to ensure the availability of stable and effective braking power at all times.

Brake Booster Vacuum Pump(car brake assist).Excellent vacuum pump for Electric Car conversion.

Our vacuum pumps provide engine-independent vacuum support and a flexible installation location. It is a Dry-running system (no connection to the lubricating oil circuit required and maintenance-free). It also supports further use of conventional brake systems for alternative drive systems, such as hybrid and electric drives, and provides a reduction of energy consumption due to demand-based use.

Our mini oil-free vacuum pumps are made with introduced intemational advanced technology, ruuning by way of oil-free lubrication, boost engine vacuum, improved braking performance, no additional load on the engine, low noise, efficient maintenance-free pump, distinguishing features of small size, light weight, good durability.

Vacuum Brake Booster Pump for Electric Vehicle, electric brake vacuum pump, tire Inflators, lumbar / Air Cushion Seating, Refrigerant Vapor Recovery, Brake Assist, Air Suspension, Air seats, Brake assist (BAS, EBA), Fuel cells, Tire inflation, Air-conditioning, Lumbar support, Vehicle Door Openers, oil change equipment, brake Booster for EVs, Electric Vehicles, neighborhood electric vehicles, trucks, Hybrid cars, High performance cars.

Vehicles with large ported rotary engines (bridge port/peripheral port) & piston engine cars equipped with large aftermarket camshafts often suffer from a lack of vacuum being produced which in turn affects braking performance. To combat this issue an external vacuum pump is required.

This efficient, maintenance-free 12V /24V Electric Brake Vacuum Pump kit features durable bracketry and a low-noise motor to help boost engine vacuum to a more acceptable level.


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