Oil-Sealed Rotary Vacuum Pump Shinko Seiki SR-B Series

Oil Sealed Rotary Vacuum Pump

Large exhaust volume but compact
vacuum pump.
Have excellent durability.

Operating principle

Space is generated in the cylinder of the pump by rotating the rotor fixed to the shaft. As a result, gas flows into the space inside the cylinder via the intake port. While the rotor is rotated, the gas between the cylinder and the piston, and between the cylinder and the vane is transferred to a compressed space, and discharged into the oil tank through the exhaust valve.


  • High durability and long operating-life
  • Excellent exhaust characteristics. Easy operation.
  • Applicable to vapor processing
    The gas ballast valve prevents pump performance deterioration caused by condensable vapors condensing and mixing in with the oil, thus enabling the condensable vapors to be exhausted.


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