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PB Pipe

PALCONN Easy-Lay Polybutylene (PB) Pipe is specially designed for the installer. It's amazingly flexible, incredibly efficient & versatile system and has lie flat technology which ensures ease of installation.


Palconn PB plumbing system can be used for cold and hot water distribution.


BS Dimension:
Specfication Length
10mm 25m/50m/100m/roll, 3m/6m/pc
15mm 25m/50m/100m/roll, 3m/6m/pc
22mm 25m/50m/100m/roll, 3m/6m/pc
28mm 25m/50m/100m/roll, 3m/6m/pc
AS Dimension:
Specfication Length
DN15 10m/25m/50m/roll, 5m/pc
DN18 10m/25m/50m/roll, 5m/pc
DN22 10m/25m/50m/roll, 5m/pc
DN28 10m/25m/50m/roll, 5m/pc
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