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PALCONN Multilayer plumbing pipe is a pipe generation that unites the advantages of plastic and metal pipes and offers a high degree of flexibility and toughness, coupled with high pressure and temperature resistance. The PALCONN multilayer plumbing system consists of an inner and outer layer which include a layer of overlap welded (or butt welded) aluminium in the middle, these three special bonding layers work together to build a permanent structure for a better, longer-lasting pipe. While the aluminium layer can also keep the shape of piping and prevents oxygen penetration from the atmosphere.


PALCONN Multilayer plumbing system can be used in both hot and cold water distribution.


ISO Dimension:

Specfication Length
12mm 50m/100m/200m/300m/400m/500m/roll
14mm 50m/100m/200m/300m/400m/500m/roll
16mm 50m/100m/200m/300m/400m/500m/roll
18mm 50m/100m/200m/300m/400m/500m/roll
20mm 50m/100m/200m/300m/400m/500m/roll
25mm 50m/100m/200m/300m
26mm 50m/100m/200m/300m
32mm 50m/100m/200m
40mm 50m/100m/200m
50mm 50m/100m
63mm 50m/100m
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