Shinko Seiki Dry vacuum pump SSH Series (Screw type)

Shinko Seiki Vacuum Pump SSH Series


  • Powered by a high-efficiency brushless DC motor
    Reduce starting current by controlling the rotational speed of the brushless DC motor. Users can select between “POWER MODE” and “ECONOMY MODE” even in normal operation. (The operating mode can be changed while the pump is running.) We achieve hertz-free by resolving difference in performance between 50 Hz and 60 Hz areas.
  • Economy & Ecology
    Economy: The power-saving effect is approx. ¥64,000 per year.
    Ecology: CO2 emissions can be reduced by approx. 1,400 kg per year.
    ※In comparison to an induction motor (Assuming approx. 9,000 hours running per year)
  • Built-in controller
    The SSH series pumps incorporate a pump controller that provides various protective features. External control is also available.


  • Manufacturing of semiconductor and electronic components (Vapor deposition, sputtering, etching, semiconductor assembly and testing equipment, etc.)
  • General industry (Absorption & transfer, gas purge, sealing & exhausting, sterilization, etc.)
  • Research & Development (Evaporator, environmental test equipment, etc.)


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