UN-140VQ Oilless Vacuum Pump

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UN-140VQ oilless vacuum pump is ideal for manufacturing and industrial markets applications, but should be considered for specific medical, laboratory, and Food & Beverage applications as well. Max Vacuum:757mmHg Max Flow:135LPM

Oil-free operation can generate clean air, less maintenance, higher vacuum degree, high temperature resistance, low temperature sealed grease bearing, valve plate material 7Cr27Mo2, life guarantee more than 8000h, aluminum parts adopt 400T automatic die casting, product performance is stable, dynamic balance Good performance, little vibration.

High vacuum applications, Pick and transfer system, Cleaning and drying, Degassing / deforming, Packaging, Evaporation, sputtering, and ion plating, Vacuum packing, vacuum adsorption, and transport, Vacuum molding and vacuum casting, Vacuum heat treatment furnaces, sintering furnaces, and brazing, furnaces, Vacuum drying, freeze drying, and vacuum degassing, Gas substitution, filling, and vacuum heat insulation, Automated leak testing.

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