UN-200V-B Oilless Vacuum Pump

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UN-200V-B oilless vacuum pump is ideal for manufacturing and industrial markets applications, but should be considered for specific medical, laboratory, and Food & Beverage applications as well. Max Vacuum:690mmHg Max Flow:200LPM

Oil-free rocking piston vacuum pump, Non-lubricated cup and cylinder, Long-life cup design, Stainless-steel valves, Thin wall cylinder for good heat transfer

Food machine, Vacuum drying oven, Deaeratiion machine, Laminator/LED test machine, Robotic arms,Vacuum packing, Milker Machine, Fitting/packaging machine, Medical/Dental offices, Laboratory, workshop science, vacuum packing, goat milker station powering

Come with 4 rubber suction feet to reduce/absorb vibration and noise

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