LAB-10 Lab vacuum pump

LAB-10 Our lab vacuum pump, Max Vacuum 620mmHg Max Flow 20LPM

Oilless vacuum pump can always replace oil vacuum pumps, because it brings convenience and makes the environment cleaner. Doesn’t need regular maintenance. The pump can pull a vacuum strong enough for most lab or industrial work. The box lab vacuum pump is compact and easy to store when not in use.and can be save space. It is built with sturdy lab-quality materials meant to last for years.

Oilless design, no pollution generated,Low vibration and low noise emission, Compact and easy carry design

Cupping machine, Filtration,Medical / Laboratory instruments, Health care devices, Vacuum suction pen, Solid phase extractor, Thin layer color developing spray, solvent filter, Air sampler essential oils, Ee-juice, home-brewing and more.


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