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Union Makuum Vacuum Pumps : Mini Grippers

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    Features & Strengths
    ▶ Integrated cartridge pump – Multi stage
    ▶ Excellent grip for both even & uneven surface products with Flexible sealing form
    ▶ Suitable for high speed application by high lifting force
    ▶ Easy installation & Maintenance
    Products Structure
    ▶ Light weight and durable body
    ▶ Cartridge pump (Multi-stage) integrated
    ▶ Low sound lever by innovative silencer
    ▶ Easily replace to flexible sealing form
    ▶ PCB board
    ▶ Solar cell
    ▶ Excellent grip for porous products handling


     Model  Max.Vacuum Level (-kPa) Feedpressure (MPa)   Air Consumption  Working Temperature NoiseLevel           
     UNG110X20MGS  -90 kPa  3~6bar  32Nl/min at 4bar  -20°C ~ 80 °C  55 ~ 65  dBA
     Model  Holding force at 60% Sealing (N)  Holding force at 80% Sealing (N) Holding force at 100% Sealing (N)  Net weight (g)  
     UNG110X20MGS 8 22  32  95