Vacuum Exhaust System SMB Series

Vacuum Exhaust System

• Essential system requiring a large capacity exhaust or ultimate pressure to the high vacuum level.
• We suggest the most suitable vacuum systems according to applications of customers.

SMB-DP Series

Since neiter sealing liquid nor oil is necessary, it is suitable for
applications of pharmaceutical, food, and semiconductor which
require the cleanliness of products. The model contributes to reducing
environmental load by substantially reducing waste water and oil.
Sucked processing gas can be retrieved or recoverd.

SMB-RP Series

According to operational pressure and exhaust time, the most suitable
combination can be suggested. It realizes to obtain high vacuum at
low cost.

SMB-WP Series

Using a number of mechanical booster pumps and air ejectors, the
ultimate pressure at 1 Pa can be obtained, which is impossible to
meet with a single water ring vacuum pump. At the same time, vapor
or organic solvent can be steadily exhausted.
Also available is a sealing water circulating type which largely saves
displacement capacity.

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