UN-100VT Vacuum System

Oilless Vacuum Pump│Vacuum Tank System│UN-100VT

The installation of an industrial vacuum system is advantageous especially in terms of energy savings, because the pumps automatically switch on only when needed by the user.

Oilless operation, Deliver a steady flow rate, Low noise level,Fast take out air, With 30L tank, Continuous operation

Handling, Transport, Medical application, Automatic machine assembly, Various vacuum application, It is very helpful central vacuum system. Whether it’s for pick and place, Lifting and conveying, IC packaging industry, Electronics industry, Circuit board press, For Vacuum Workholding, Fixturing & Vacuum Forming, Vacuum centralized systems.

As the vacuum level drops in the Vacuum tank, the Vacuum Switch turns the Vacuum System on until the upper limit of the vacuum is reached. Once the upper vacuum limit is reached the Vacuum Pump shuts off. The Electric Vacuum Pump cycles on and off automatically as needed, therefore constant monitoring is not necessary.

Product Specifications

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