Water Ring Vacuum Pump Shinko Seiki SW-AS/SW-HM Series

Shinko Seiki Vacuum Pump SW-AS/SW-HM Series

Structure and operating principle

The body of water ring pumps is comprised of a cylindrical casing and impeller. The impeller is eccentric to the casing. While the impeller is rotated with an appropriate volume of water filled in the casing, the weight-heavy sealed water forms a concentric ring along the casing inner wall due to centrifugal force, as shown in the figure. As the volume between the impeller vanes and the casing inner surface changes, the pump continuously draw in, compress and exhaust gas via the intake and exhaust ports on the side wall or impeller inner wall. The high-speed rotation makes exhaust highly efficient. The water ring acts as a seal, so gas that has been sucked into the pump is assuredly exhausted.


Water Ring Vacuum Pump Shinko Seiki SW-AS/SW-C Series : Owing to the water seal, the pumps can exhaust inflammable and corrosive gases. These water-ring type pumps are suitable for exhaust gas that contains steam and water droplets. The 2-stage pump configuration exhibits high performance under 3 × 104 Pa or lower pressures.


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